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The student news site of Cedarburg High School

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Global Scholars to go to Australia and New Zealand next year

The Global Scholars are planning a trip Down Under next summer. Students and chaperones will say, “G’day, mate” to Australia and New Zealand in June 2025.

The 12-day trip will begin in New Zealand, where they will explore the cities of Auckland and Rotorua. Then they will travel to Sydney, and they will end the trip by visiting Cairns, a city near the Great Barrier Reef.

Two of the twelve days will be pure travel, but social studies teacher Jeff Ellmaker said that “it’s a fun experience to do with a classmate.”

Ellmaker said that he is eager to try to attend a rugby facility in New Zealand. “It’s kind of like going to Lambeau Field,” he said. 

After six days in New Zealand, the group will be traveling to Sydney, Australia. Ellmaker said that students are usually excited to go to Sydney and see the Opera House. “We are going to see if we could see a specific show or something we could experience together in there,” Ellmaker said. 

The group is planning to visit the Great Barrier Reef after flying to Cairns, Australia. “I think the Great Barrier Reef is gonna get draw,” Ellmaker said because they will go snorkeling.

Freshman Delaney Pinzel said she’s looking forward to snorkeling. 

Ellmaker said that the group will be mainly using WhatsApp for communication and safety purposes. The group will be staying in a highly-rated hotel and will mostly stick together during the tour. 

Because this year’s Global Scholars trip to the Galapagos Islands was canceled due to the Ecuadorian cartel, students received vouchers to use on future trips. Many students are using those vouchers on this trip. 

Students are still able to join the trip. An enrollment meeting will be held in September.

Ellmaker said he hopes the biggest takeaway for students is being able to explore the joy of international travel before college and to learn more about the world outside of the United States.

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