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Common Sense

the student newspaper site of Cedarburg High School, Cedarburg, Wisconsin

The student news site of Cedarburg High School

Common Sense

The student news site of Cedarburg High School

Common Sense

Seniors share prophecies, memories, post-graduation plans

Elise Lenhart

In ten years, I will be…

Margeaux Dunstone: “graduated from UW-Green Bay with a business degree.”
Jack Bannenberg: “filming Hockey for the Admirals.”
Emily Hoepfner: “a teacher.”
Elena Evans: “traveling for work or for fun and taking lots of pictures.”
Kenzie Ziarek: “working in an elementary school.”
Ryan Orberg: “working long hours at a company.”
Nina Mlodzik: “working as a nurse.”
Zak Goetter: “developing my own games that people everywhere play to relax and make friends.”
Olivia Friedl: “hopefully living abroad.”
Elsa Rogue: “working.”
Nathan Ory: “hopefully have a successful career and possibly a family.”
Allison Springer: “on a film set, telling stories.”
Maddie Weber: “hopefully in medical school.”
Helena Nieman: “a lawyer.”
Marisa D’Amico: “graduating law school and hopefully working in Washington D.C.”
Brooklynn Stalter: “a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.”
Riley Feider: “far, far away from Wisconsin and probably living somewhere in Europe.”
Ashley Rytman: “a software engineer.”
Daryna Mamaieva: “living somewhere warm.”
Ethan Fuhrman: “hopefully working a good job.”
Gill Daniel: “playing professional soccer or a physical therapist, married with maybe a few kids and hopefully living my dream of playing professional soccer.”
Abby Napoleon: “teaching a group of second graders. I will also be their favorite teacher ever.”
Charles Wee: “done with college have a degree in Environmental Science or Agriculture, and starting to farm with a particular style, as well as starting some trade classes so I can be self-dependent.”
Maxim Yefimov: “a lawyer.”
Louis Roller: “a business owner.”
Jackson Lubben: “employed.”
Mikael Olsen: “living in a cabin in Norway.”
Tyler Hoerz: “accomplish my dream of becoming a firefighter, and maybe also being able to pursue by passion in history.”
Andrew Schmitz: “be a K9 trainer and a platoon instructor.”
Ruby Holtgreive: “27.”
Molly Fletcher: “making a positive difference in a career I enjoy, surrounded by people I love.”
Ava Andrae: “accomplishing my goals I have set for myself with a job I really enjoy.”
Charlotte Timmermans: “traveling with my family to show them where I lived for two years and tell them all the memories I made.”
Claire Eckstrom: “working in a veterinarian clinic with animals.”
Mary Grace King: “living in a city and hopefully being an engineer.”

My most memorable moment from high school is…

Kenzie Ziarek: “all of the friendships I made in every class that I’ve had.”
Allison Springer: “the cast party for this year’s spring play.”
Gill Daniel: “kicking the winning field goal against Homestead at Homestead in round 2 of playoffs last year.”
Ashley Rytman: “becoming close with new people my senior year .”
Ava Andrae: “qualifying for team State for girls’ tennis for the first time in school history.”
Olivia Friedl: “winning our Regional final game or senior year volleyball!.”
Claire Eckstrom: “art classes.”
Elena Evans: “breaking down laughing doing an AP Lit. presentation with my friends.”
Elsa Rogue: “all the sports events.”
Lily Gundrum: “all the parties and fun labs in AP Chem.”
Jack Bannenberg: “making new friends.”
Mary Grace King: “doing state math team and spitting my water out on the table and then having a cough attack.”
Andrew Schmitz: “the fun memories with my friends.”
Riley Feider: “getting accepted into college.”
Zak Goetter: “hanging out with friends on Senior Skip Day.”
Ethan Fuhrman: “seeing my friends every day.”
Louis Roller : “going on my first roller coaster with my physics class.”
Tyler Hoerz: “beating Homestead in the playoffs in football.”
Mikael Olsen: “being in a band with a bunch of my friends.”
Molly Fletcher: “a collection of the small everyday moments filled with laughter and friendship.”
Nathan Ory: “helping with the drama productions.”
Charles Wee: “the walks to the vending machine between classes trying to beat the bell or just wandering the halls.”
Emily Hoepfner: “performing on stage.”
Abby Napoleon: “during my sophomore year when the seniors brought color bombs during our whiteout football game.”
Will Fairchild: “saying ‘What’s up?’ to Liam Boyle.”
Claire Eckstrom: “art classes.”
Ryan Orberg: “mountain biking races.”

What I am going to miss most about CHS is…

Charlotte Timmermans: “the school spirit and being with my friends every day.”
Matthew Niemuth: “being around my friends all day and playing soccer.”
Abby Napoleon: “the close-knit community we have here at Cedarburg.”
Zak Goetter: “my friends and my teachers.”
Brooklynn Stalter: “pizza dipper Tuesday.”
Riley Feider: “the short drive from my house.”
Maddie Weber: “the amazing teachers.”
Elena Evans: “Homecoming week.”
Cale Plater: “the people it has brought me close to and the memories it has help me make throughout the years.”
Gill Daniel: “the camaraderie and how kind everyone is to everyone and how welcoming everyone was including the students, teachers and staff when I moved.”
Jack Bannenberg: “my friends.”
Marisa D’Amico: “how amazing the teachers and educators are here Each teacher that I have had throughout my four years have been invested in my future and my education, and have encouraged me to continue on with my passions and future goals. I thank each one of my teachers for making me, along with all of their other students, feel valued and that their dreams matter.”
Molly Fletcher: “the amazing teachers and friends who shaped me into the person I am today.”
Ashley Rytman: “being around the people I grew up with every day.”
Louis Roller: “the days where I wake up and the only thing I have to worry about is whether it’s a black or orange day.”
Max Richter: “the teachers.”
Ryan Orberg: “all my friends.”
Kenzie Ziarek: “the people and all my teachers. I will miss saying ‘hi’ to everyone in the hallways and all the smiles that I’ve received and put on peoples’ faces.”
Lily Gundrum: “my favorite teachers and eating lunch with my friends every day.”
Elsa Rogue: “my sports teams.”
Emily Hoepfner: “the friends I have made.”
Ava Andrae: “the people and the tennis season.”
Daryna Mamaieva: “my friends.”
Olivia Friedl: “the volleyball program and the incredible lifelong friendships it has brought me.”
Nathan Ory: “my friends and the teachers.”
Ruby Holtgreive: “the staff.”
Will Fairchild: “the awesome teachers and friends.”
Mikael Olsen: “study halls in Mrs. Hart’s room and Resources in Mr. Captaine’s room.”
Tyler Hoerz: “the city, and the community.”
Daryna Mamaieva: “my friends.”
Allison Springer: “the friends I’m leaving behind.”
Ethan Fuhrman: “pizza dippers for lunch.”
Andrew Schmitz: “seeing all my friends in one place.”
Claire Eckstrom: “the teachers and my friends.”
Mary Grace King: “the homemade muffins we had sophomore year and then never again.”
Nathan Carpenter: “having classes with friends.”
Charles Wee: “walking through the halls and studyhalls/lunchtime outside. I’m going to miss the consistent structure. I’m gonna miss the anticipation for school to start and stop. A love-hate relationship.”

Class of 2024 post-graduation plans

All information is self-reported to the counseling office.
An * indicates an undecided intended major or university.

Emerson Aichele: *
Ava Andrae: UW-Whitewater (Business)
Mary Arnett: University of Notre Dame (Finance)
Kashvi Badiger: Case Western Reserve University (Biochemistry)
Kaitlyn Bailey: Milwaukee Area Technical College (Dental Hygiene)
Prabhnoor Bal: UW-Milwaukee (Computer Science)
Jack Bannenberg: Milwaukee Area Technical College (TV and Field Production)
Alina Bednarska: UW-Milwaukee (Computer Science)
Andrew Bert: University of Montana (Anthropology and Archeology)
Jillian Bilsborough: Aurora University (Psychology)
Maggie Bolander: University of Iowa (Industrial Engineering)
Tyler Bolser: Milwaukee Area Technical College (*)
Colton Bork: UW-La Crosse (Finance)
Megan Bravo: UW-Milwaukee (Accounting)
Owen Brezovar: Trade school (*)
Zach Brown: University of Cincinnati (Business)
Ava Budecki: Butler University (Criminology)
Thomas Buege: *
Delaney Carlson: University of Kentucky (Equine Science and Management )
Nathan Carpenter: UW-Madison (Computer Science)
Abigail Chen: Johns Hopkins University (Biology)
Kaelyn Chmiel: UW-Madison (Neurobiology)
Alec Churkin: UW-Milwaukee (Biology)
Colt Cofta: *
Alex Cook: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (Marketing)
Elliot Cowie: UW-Milwaukee (Business Marketing)
Reese Cummings: UW-Madison (Business: Human Resource Management )
Peyton Czelatdko: Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (Art)
Marisa D’Amico: Marquette University (Political Science and International Affairs/Pre law)
Andrew Dailey: *
Katelyn Davis: Brigham Young University (Communications)
Wyatt DeLaCruz: Iowa State University (Aerospace or Mechanincal Engineering)
Kate Dietrich: UW-Madison (Biology)
Cara Dincler: UW-Stevens Point
Isabelle Duckert: Texas Christian University (Finance)
Margeaux Dunstone: UW-Green Bay (Business Administration)
Jack Dykstra: UW-La Crosse (Business )
Chase Eckert: Michigan Tech University (Cybersecurity)
Maggie Eckes: Northern Illinois University (Music Education)
Claire Eckstrom: *
Cole Eckstrom: UW-Milwaukee (Civil Engineering)
Victoria Ehrlich : UW-Eau Claire (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
Josh Elser: *
Madison Engebose: Milwaukee School of Engineering (Computer Science)
Nadia Epshteyn: UW-Oshkosh (Kinesiology)
Aleksia Erickson: University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (Biochemistry)
Race Erovick: *
Elena Evans: UW-La Crosse (Communications)
Will Fairchild: UW-Madison (History)
Carter Fast: Iowa State University (Mechanical Engineering)
Chase Fazal: Concordia University Wisconsin (Business Entrepreneurship)
Riley Feider: Nova Southeastern University (Environmental Studies and Law/Marine Bio.)
Stefan Ferragut: Saint Louis University (Civil Engineering)
Jae Fitting: Loyola Chicago (Business)
Hayden Fitzpatrick: UW-Madison (Undecided Business)
Molly Fletcher: Washington University in St. Louis (Computer Science and Economics)
Sean Folmar: East Carolina University (Marketing)
Hudson Fore: UW-La Crosse (Finance)
Emily Freymuth: UW-Stevens Point (Environmental Science and Management)
Olivia Friedl: UW-Madison (Finance)
Dawson Froemming: UW-Stevens Point (Computer Information Systems)
Angel Fuentes: Concordia University Wisconsin (Pre physical therapy)
Ethan Fuhrman: Concordia University Wisconsin (*)
Isabelle Fyfe: UW-Eau Claire (Psychology)
Cassidy Gall: University of Evansville (Exercise Science/pre Athletic Training)
Cameron Gehweiler: *
Daniel Gill: UW-Milwaukee (Physical Therapy)
Connor Gillette: *
Sarah Gleed: UW-Whitewater (Communications)
Max Goebel: University of Utah (Computer Science)
Zak Goetter: Milwaukee School of Engineering (Software Engineering)
Lauren Gregory: Carroll University (Nursing)
Maxwell Gruebling: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (Mechanical Engineering)
Gabriel Guehrer: UW-Milwaukee (Biological Sciences: Microbiology emphasis)
Lily Gundrum: UW-Madison (Kinesiology)
Paige Guse: Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (Graphic design or Illustration)
Ryan Gventer: Milwaukee Area Technical College (Business Management and Administration)
Grace Gventer: UW-Madison (Chemistry)
Gavin Hanaman: Northern Michigan University (*)
Kevin Hang: Concordia University Wisconsin (Business and Entrepreneurship)
Emily Hoepfner: Milwaukee Area Technical College (Education)
Tyler Hoerz: Lawrence University (History)
Devyn Hoffman: University of Missouri (*)
Blake Hofman: Waukesha County Technical College (Bakery and Pastry Production)
Jaden Holcomb: UW-Milwaukee (UW-Milwaukee)
Ruby Holtgreive : *
Brady Holzer: Butler University (Biology)
William Homme: Iowa State University (Mechanical Engineering)
Elizabeth Huevler: UW-Madison (Computer Science)
Lily Janik: *
Dominic Jelinski : University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (Nursing)
Lacy Johnson: Auburn University (Biomedical Sciences)
Jaylen Johnson: UW-Milwaukee (*)
Ally Johnson: Marian University (Criminal Justice )
Christopher Jones ll: *
Jack Just: UW-La Crosse (Computer Science)
Chloe Kaech: * (Sonography)
Joah Kaminsky: UW-La Crosse (Health Science)
Isabel Keland: Loyola University Chicago (Public Relations and Advertising)
Caroline Kellner: *
Natalie Khmelevsky: UW-Madison (Communication Science and Rhetorical Studies, Fine Arts w/Graphic Design)
Mary Grace King: University of South Carolina (Civil Engineering)
Hope Kittel: (high school credits)
Connor Kluck: Minnesota State University, Mankato (Finance)
Josh Knox: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (Economics/Political Science)
Ava Komberec: UW-Madison (Information Science)
Tess Kornetzke: UW-Madison (Marketing)
Jasmin Kraus: UW-Milwaukee (Animation)
Cassandra Krueger: Purdue University (Business Marketing )
Anna Kuckkan: Purdue University (Finance and Accounting)
Jaden Kunz: *
JD Kunz: UW-Milwaukee (*)
Peter Kwaterski: Milwaukee School of Engineering (Computer Science)
Megan Lacke: UW-La Crosse (Marketing)
Lauren Lanning: Fairfield University (Computer Science)
Cooper Larsen: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (Economics)
Carter Lator: UW-Madison (Computer Engineering)
Jillian Leamen: University of Kentucky (Business)
Anna Levy: Villanova University (Nursing )
Alec Light White: UW-Milwaukee (Environmental Engineering)
Natalie Llorca: UW-La Crosse (Marketing)
Miles Lopas: UW-Whitewater (Computer Science)
Jackson Lubben: Iowa State University (Civil Engineering)
Brenna Lusk: UW-Madison (Atmospheric and Oceanic Science)
Andrew MacCallum: Lewis University (Aviation)
Maureen Machado: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (Marketing)
Charlotte Maier: *
Lillie Makinster: UW-Madison (International Marketing)
Daryna Mamaieva: UW-Whitewater (Business)
Charlie McGarry: * (Sports or business management)
Aaron Miller: UW-Milwaukee (Marketing)
Nina Mlodzik: UW-Oshkosh (Nursing)
Sara Mohr: Purdue University (Elementary Education)
Samuel Moses: Madison Area Technical College (Computer Science)
Elias Mouthey: Milwaukee School of Engineering (Computer Engineering)
Abby Napoleon: High Point University (Elementary Education )
Helena Nieman: Gustavus Adolphus Collage (Political Science)
Matthew Niemuth: UW-Madison (Biomedical Engineering)
Talan Nobile: Florida Atlantic University (Business)
Kenzie Noffke: UW-La Crosse (Communications)
Tristen North: *
Elizabeth Nothem: Moraine Park Technical College (Nursing)
Lauren O’Leary: University of Tennessee, Knoxville (Marketing)
Mikael Olsen: UW-Madison (Geographic Information Systems)
Ryan Orberg: UW-La Crosse (Computer Science)
Ava Orndorf: UW-Milwaukee (Biomedical Science)
Nathan Ory: UW-Milwaukee (Architecture)
Atticus Parsons: *
Joseph Paynter: Oklahoma State University (Aerospace Engineering)
Damien Pendzick: Milwaukee Area Technical College (Automotive Tech)
Ethan Phillips: UW-Milwaukee (Psychology)
Maxwell Pigatto: University of Kansas (Finance)
Elizabeth Plante: Marquette University (Biomedical Science)
Cale Plater: UW-Milwaukee (*)
Isabelle Plautz: University of Arizona (Accounting)
Sarah Prom: Purdue University (Medical Laboratory Sciences)
Charlotte Purnell: Marquette University (Business)
Karis Quirk: *
Lydia Reams: Concordia University Wisconsin (Pre pharmacy)
Lily Redman: UW-Madison (Fine Arts)
Caiden Reid: UW-Milwaukee (Enviromental Science)
Max Richter: UW-Milwaukee (*)
Isen Ries: UW-Milwaukee (Psychology)
Carson Rietbrock: University of Kansas (Business Marketing)
Louis Roller: UW-Madison (Mechanical Engineering)
Kaede Roos: UW-Milwaukee (Kinesiology)
Olivia Rottier: UW-Milwaukee (Biomedical Sciences)
Jenna Rusch: UW-Madison (Nursing)
Ashley Rytman: UW-La Crosse (Software Engineering )
Abigail Sandler: Suffolk University (Marketing)
Ruby Schaller: Milwaukee Area Technical College (Economics)
Elsa Schreiner: Winona State University (English Literature and Language)
Sophia Schultz: University of Kansas (Finance)
Martha Schultz: Edgewood College (Psychology and Art)
Reagan Schumacher: *
Jonathan Schwab: Milwaukee Area Technical College (Information Technology)
April Sersen: UW-Parkside (Theatre Arts)
Annika Severe: Lawrence University (Computer Science and Mathematics)
Astrid Skarsten: UW-Milwaukee (Business)
Evan Sleeman: UW-Milwaukee (Marketing)
Emma Snow: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Daytona Beach (Astronautic Aerospace Engineering)
Hannah Somorin: UW-Madison (Legal Studies)
Charlie Sorensen: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (Sports Management)
Katherine Spencer: Concordia University Wisconsin (Computer Science)
Jennifer Spencer: Concordia University Wisconsin (Computer Science: Software Engineering)
Allison Springer: Indiana University (Film Production)
Nick Sprinkman: UW-Milwaukee (Finance)
Brooklynn Stalter: UW-Madison (Nursing)
Matthew Staniszewski: Marquette University (Finance)
Emilia Staniszewski: UW-Parkside (Criminal Justice)
Aubrey Stephens: University of South Carolina (Psychology)
Emily Stocks: *
Abby Straub: UW-Eau Claire (Biology: Ecology and Environmental Biology Emphasis)
Mary Stroebel: Northwestern University (Economics)
Jakson Swarthout: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (*)
Owen Szpiszar: University of Kansas (Marketing)
Brylie Taffora: UW-Madison (Biology)
Matthew Teplin: University of Kansas (Finance)
Addie Thom: UW-Madison (Neurobiology)
Mia Thompson: Milwaukee School of Engineering (Architectural Engineering)
Charles Thorne: East Tennessee State University (Geosciences)
Bogdan Tihonoveskiy: *
Charlotte Timmermans: KU Leuven, Belgium (Psychology)
Anica Tipkemper-Wolfe: Montana State University (Earth Sciences/Paleontology and Biological Sciences/Conservation Biology and Ecology)
Tessa Tolomeo: UW-Madison (Anthropology, certificates in Archaeology and Classical Studies)
Miles Trompeter: Milwaukee School of Engineering (Computer Science)
Ava Turner: Concordia University Wisconsin (Sonography)
Isabel Valentine: UW-Milwaukee (Zoology or Art)
Avery Verdegan: Edgewood College (Environmental Science)
Benjamin Verhaalen: UW-Madison (Computer Science)
Greta Waege: UW-Whitewater
Elliot Wagner: Concordia University Wisconsin (Exercise Science)
Cameron Wallace: * (Environmental Science)
Maddie Weber: University of Tennessee (Biological Sciences )
Charles Wee: UW-Whitewater (Environmental Science)
Josephina Wells: UW-Madison (Computer Science)
Xavier Wielebski: *
Casey Wills: UW-River Falls (Animal Sciences and Pre Vet)
Adam Wilson: UW-Madison (Computer Science)
Claire Winter: * (Psychology/Neurology)
Josh Winter: *
Pearl Winterhalter: UW-Madison (Pre pharmacy)
Collin Wise: UW-Eau Claire (Digital Marketing)
Valkyrie Wolfgram: *
Evan Wolter: UW-Whitewater (Computer Science)
Max Yefimov: UW-Madison (Political Science)
Zachary Zaleski: Iowa State University (Cyber Security Engineering)
Kenzie Ziarek: UW-Madison (Elementary Education)
Katina Zimmerschied: UW-Madison (Computer Science)

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