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The student news site of Cedarburg High School

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The student news site of Cedarburg High School

Common Sense

Freshmen adjust to high school expectations

Josie Krygiel
Freshmen Julianna Harris, Elizabeth Bowers, Aubrey Verdegan and Isabella Crowley are among the students who have adjusted to being in high school.

Transitioning into a new school is different for everyone. Some people can change schools easily while others take a little longer to adjust. 

“Eighth grade doesn’t really prepare you for freshman year,” freshman Elizabeth Bowers said.

Research suggests that many incoming high school students are not prepared for the quantity of school work, according to assistant professor Cheryl R. Ellerbrock of the Association for Middle Level Education.

Math teacher Chad Evenson said, “I think the biggest challenges for freshman students are the changes in actually doing homework.” 

The amount of homework freshmen have is the biggest difference when coming to high school, according to freshman Julianna Harris.

Besides homework, freshmen have noticed additional differences between middle and high school, and lunch is one of them. “I like how we are allowed to walk around,” freshman Aubrey Verdegan said, “and there’s a variety of food.” 

Another difference between middle school and high school is study hall. At the middle school, study hall is similar to Advisory. Harris said, “Study hall is a literal period, and not just 30 minutes.” 

By this point in the semester, many freshmen have adjusted to high school. “Adjusting to this school has been difficult because of the homework, but I’m getting used to it,” freshman Isabella Crowley said.


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