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The student news site of Cedarburg High School

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The student news site of Cedarburg High School

Common Sense

Teammates appreciate Swarthout’s work as soccer manager

Jakson Swarthout

Senior Jakson Swarthout enjoys his role as the boys’ soccer team manager. After two years of playing on the team, he said he realized he enjoys the atmosphere of the team’s spirit more than playing. He wanted to continue to be around soccer but not participate in it.

As team manager, Swarthout makes game reports and records stats, including shots attempted and goals. 

“It’s fun. We’re all pretty close,” Swarthout said. He said he enjoys the work he does and the social aspect of the team.

Senior Matthew Niemuth said, “The managers do a good job supporting us. They keep the morale up.”

Junior Victor Hoffman said, “He’s a hype man. He’s always there for us, to help us.” 

Aside from soccer, he prioritizes his education, as he has taken many rigorous courses. These classes include AP Comparative Government, AP Economics and AP Statistics. His all-time favorite class is Physics with science teacher Amit Kaul. 

Due to his passion for science, Swarthout is planning on majoring in a science-related field in college. He is applying to the University of Minnesota, UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee. He is planning on staying in the area because of the cost. 

If he could change anything about high school, he said he wished he was “more outgoing” during his freshman and sophomore years. He also said he wished he joined clubs such as the Spanish Club since he has Spanish-speaking relatives. 

He is the oldest sibling in a family of four boys, including sophomore Jonah, and fifth grade brothers who are twins, Grayson and Noah. As the oldest sibling, he is a role model for his siblings. “My parents think I’m trustworthy,” he said.

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